Finding Freedom

Step 1: Come to recognize that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior and profess your faith in Him.

Step 2: Take an inventory of your life and repent of all sins, both those you remember and those you do not. If you cannot remember every sin in your life, ask for a blanket forgiveness for them all. Do search for them all in earnest, however.

Step 3: Pray often (optimally daily). Make Jesus Christ the center of your entire existence and always seek to do His will. If you do not fully know His will for you in your life, ask for Him to reveal it to you when the time is right.

Step 4: Engage in spiritual warfare. We provide a comprehensive list of spiritual warfare prayers for any soldier of God. You will need to explicitly pray against the powers of darkness and we encourage you to read these aloud with conviction and faith.

Step 5 (optional): Consider seeking out a deliverance ministry in your area as you may have lingering unclean spirits in or around you. Be very discerning in the selection process as the laying on of hands is serious business.

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