What is Gangstalking?

Put simply, organized gang stalking is, more often than not, organized demonic harassment (Mark 5:1-20). There are many conspiracy theories out there and rabbit holes to go down as you search for answers to what is happening to you, but the only one worth pursuing is Jesus Christ. He is your answer if you are a targeted individual.

Sadly, too few come to recognize this or, if they do, it is after years of unnecessary torture and harassment. We do not promise that you will never encounter the demonic again in your walk or that you will not still endure tribulation and persecution (John 15:18-25). That would be a false promise. What we can say is that walking with God greatly diminishes the activity (Psalm 91:1-2), as the entire point of the so-called “program” is to keep people believing that this is anything but spiritual.

This website is here to support you in your walk to freedom from gang stalking and is maintained by two targeted individuals who found their answer and authority over the demonic in the blood and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

We recommend visiting our Spiritual Warfare Prayers page and getting started immediately.

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