Stop listening to secular music

When you are targeted your eyes open up to the spirit realm. Sadly, many who go through this fiery trial (1 Peter 4:12) struggle to recognize this fact and concoct a variety of theories in an attempt to explain it all away as something physical and human. It isn’t. Gang stalking is supernatural, and this entire website will make the case to you through the testimonies of myself and others. Continue reading “Stop listening to secular music”

Gangstalking, how to shut them down…

why are you targeted??? and what are you being targeted by.

warfare prayer against gangstalking
In the name of Jesus Christ by His blood, I declare His dominion over all base entities dictated to master me and oppose my life and affirmation for the Lord Jesus Christ. I glorify and adore the Maker of Heaven and Earth, Jesus Christ our Lord. I humbly request that you appoint sacred angels to keep me from any tactics of the adversary created to oppose this petition for release. Continue reading “Gangstalking, how to shut them down…”

Demons walk among us: Wake up targeted individual

Behind gangstalking are the forces of darkness. What you call street theater or voice to skull is literally the demonic spirits within others having targeted you, likely because you are or will be special and useful to God in these strange times we’re living in. Take up your authority!

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