BINDING: Binding is like a temporary spiritual handcuffing. You can bind a demon spirit, much like tying something up with rope or chains. You cannot bind a person’s free will, but you can bind the demons affecting or influencing that person. Binding is NOT the same practice as casting out demons, casting out demons brings fourth lasting results, whereas binding is only to tie them down for a period of time. If you are trying to talk to or minister to somebody, and they seem impossible to get through to it can be helpful to bind up the spirits inside that person, which will handcuff the enemy so you can directly and effectively minister to that person without having them continually held back by the enemy’s interference. Another good time to bind is when the person isn’t ready for a deliverance and you are not willing to put up with their demonic personality.

“I have a friend who bound demon spirits which were in her teacher, who was a lesbian, and she stopped giving her any troubles since then! Was the teacher ready to be delivered? Highly unlikely. But that doesn’t mean you must live with her demonic personality, simply bind it whenever you are around that person, and it handcuffs the enemy from doing his work around you. Another good time to bind, is when you are half way into a deliverance (let’s say you got 20 out of 40 demons out) and you need your rest, like say it’s 2am and you have to work the next day. You could simply bind the demons overnight, and finish the deliverance the next day.” [Source]

COLOR HARASSMENT: Targeted individuals often complain of color harassment, where those who stalk them will wear colors like red or black or appear in vehicles in these colors around the victim during their demonic harassment campaign. We believe that any illusion is possible in the demonic realm, as conjuring up an illusion is the very art of witchcraft. We also believe that it can be orchestrated to harass an individual in this way through the spirit realm, as many who walk among us have wide open doorways to the demonic.

DELIVERANCE MINISTRY: The ministry of casting out demons, or evil spirits, which has too often been neglected by the Christian church at large but is growing in need. It is most likely not engaged by many Christian groups due to a fear of the unknown, even though a follower of Jesus Christ should not fear any malevolent spirit, as they are protected by Christ’s Blood. Deliverance ministry is less about delivering an individual from demonic possession or oppression and more about helping them live free in the name of Jesus Christ. It allows the believer to connect more fully with the Holy Spirit. Targeted individuals might consider consultation with a deliverance minister at some point in their journey, though they should be careful in choosing who they might go to and use their discernment.

DEMON: An evil spirit; a source or agent of evil, harm, distress, or ruin. Some theologies propose that a demon is a fallen angel that rebelled against God along with Lucifer. See FAMILIAR SPIRIT, the kind most responsible for organized gang stalking.

Scripture references: Matthew 12:43, Mark 5:2


DEMONIC MARKER: “A demonic marker is nothing more than a demonic identification and tracking system. Demonic markers can be placed on people, places, and things and come in a wide and diverse variety. They can come in the form of tattoos, symbols, fetishes, and sacrifices. These markers attract demonic activity and demonic influence. The markers serve as a guide to demonic spirits and allow them to easily recognize those individuals and things that have been dedicated to them. An example would be a dead bird placed in the center of a pentagram drawn with its own blood. This would be a form of sacrifice that would serve as a demonic marker. Another example would be an individual with an occult tattoo. Every spirit assigned with that particular symbol now has legal right to that individual because their seal has been placed upon the individual.” (The Demon Dictionary, Vol. 1 by Kimberly Daniels)

DIRECTED CONVERSATIONS: A conversation that appears normal to the general public but that is intended to trigger a response of fear and trauma in a targeted individual. For example, a group of people might discuss among themselves something you did that morning, something you were just thinking, or something you once did years ago that you might not be proud of. These conversations are carried out via demonic spirits within individuals — specifically, familiar spirits.

DISEMBODIED SPIRIT: “Disembodied spirits have been cursed to roam the earth forever until the final judgment. These are demons that seek to dwell in the bodies of men and are the demons that are cast our of people. These spirits are tormented while outside of a body, which is why loud screams and yells manifest during deliverance sessions.” (The Demon Dictionary, Vol. 1 by Kimberly Daniels, p. 21)

FAMILIAR SPIRIT: “There are two kinds of familiar spirits: 1) a family demon or bloodline curse; also a spirit associated with becoming too common with a person, place or thing; 2) witchcraft that works through divination. The spirit works through mediums and operates as a counterfeit holy spirit or a false prophetic…

Familiar spirit is the designation of a specific type of evil spirit. It is so classified because of its chief characteristic — familiarity. It is a relationship, a familiarity, with a person or personality. For example, the woman Paul encountered in Macedonia had a familiar spirit that gave her powers of divination (Acts 16:16-18). Familiar spirits are common amidst the practices of Spiritism and witchcraft, but their activity is by no means limited to persons and practices so obviously occult. Personalities have the capacity to relate to one another. Likewise, a person can form and develop a close relationship with an evil spirit.

When a person forms a relationship with an evil spirit (which can be done either willfully or through ignorance), he then has a familiar spirit. Communication is the chief characteristic of a familiar spirit…A person who has a familiar spirit serves as a vessel that contains the spirit. The spirit indwells the person. Thus, a person who has a familiar spirit is demonized.” (The Demon Dictionary, Vol. 1 by Kimberly Daniels, p. 46-48)

In organized gang stalking, familiar spirits are the ones who carry out “directed conversations” about your life, and it often involves past sins. Familiar spirits will say just the right thing to trigger a response of fear within a targeted individual, frequently convincing a target that there is a vast “government conspiracy” against their person. These spirits know all your dirt and may even appear to be psychic due to their ability to communicate with one another about simple actions or tasks you might have performed during the course of your day. Note that it is possible that a targeted individual is themselves in need of a deliverance ministry, as it may be their own familiar spirit communicating with familiars in others, supplying them with what they need to target and harass their person.

See Jeremiah Cohen’s video: Gang Stalkers are Familiar Spirits?

GANG STALKING: A disinformation term used in place of demonic harassment. The recipient of gang stalking is a targeted individual, yet another disinformation term which seeks to secularize the truth of what is happening. In truth, gang stalking is a group of demons working in concert with one another to harass an individual and lead them to an act of violence, a state of isolation, suicide, depression and/or anxiety. The goal is to completely destroy a person’s life as that has always been the goal of Satan’s army of demons in our world. Many of the demons even make videos on the gang stalking phenomena by using their human hosts, painting a bleak picture and leading people away from discovering the spiritual aspects of gang stalking and the solution — our Lord Jesus Christ. Those who recognize this as demonic and who preach Jesus Christ are often painted as “perps” in the process. There are also some wolves in sheep’s clothing, offering you a mixture of explanations that may include talk about Jesus Christ but not as the ultimate solution. Don’t be deceived by spirits masquerading as The Holy Spirit in all of this, as you are likely to encounter many.

The key to decreasing and/or ending gang stalking is faith in Jesus Christ, and if one can be convinced that He cannot ultimately end it then that is an indictment on the person’s faith; the person believes, but not really. If you’re a targeted individual, this “fence sitter” approach to having a relationship with Jesus Christ will never work because you don’t actually believe He is God or that He is capable of delivering you from this torment.

GASLIGHTING: A common tool that demons utilize to make one question his her own sanity and grip on reality. For example, the demonic spirit in a person may say something in conversation to the targeted individual that is hurtful but when confronted about it the spirit will deny having said it or will in some way blame the victim for what was said.

OCCULT: The word occult means secret; many people are kept in bondage because of secrets.


SATANIST: A dull person who has willingly sided with God’s adversary, making them extraordinarily unintelligent, selfish and masochistic, as they clearly have no regard for themselves despite their obvious selfishness. Such people are often conscious of their behavior aimed at a targeted individual because they have willingly invited the demonic in to their lives, sometimes intentionally attaching a spirit or spirits to themselves in order to receive some kind of imagined power. The demons eventually completely control such a person and destroy their lives, though there may be worldly gains a person might receive in the short term for siding with the little g “god” of this world. Ultimately their decision to rebel is unwise and destructive, and they become fully possessed in the process. They may or may not be consciously aware of their gang stalking activities when outright possession is present.


TARGETED INDIVIDUAL (T.I.): A person who has been targeted by the demonic realm (Satan’s army), as either a consequence for involvement with witchcraft or as a consequence for how they have conducted themselves in life (sin). Those who have had involvement with the occult, New Age, false religions, witchcraft, divination, Tarot, Ouija, ghost hunting and the like are particularly susceptible to an attack by the demonic realm. Targeted individuals often complain that the harassment of their person continues everywhere they go, even when they move to new cities or countries. They are followed because the stalking of their person occurs in the spirit, and there is no way to protect oneself from what is happening short of giving one’s life to Jesus Christ.

VOICE TO SKULL (V2K): Put simply, this is when demons implant thoughts or speak to a person from within their own mind. In a struggle to explain these occurrences, the targeted individual may believe they suffer from a mental illness or that there is a government agency implanting thoughts in them. The truth is that all of the activity related to gang stalking is demonic and the faster you realize it, fully believe it and engage in persistent spiritual warfare, the better.

WITCHCRAFT: The use of magical powers, especially magical powers obtained from the devil, to benefit oneself or to harm others. It is believed that people who practice witchcraft or witchery can abandon their bodies at night and travel in the spirit form to cause harm to others. The term ‘witch’ comes from the Old English word ‘Wicca’, which is derived from the Germanic root ‘wic’, meaning to bend or to turn. Today, the term ‘witch’ can be applied to both males and females. In the past, male witches were referred to as ‘warlocks’ or ‘wizards’. Witches are diabolical and subtle. It is strange to note that modern society regard witchcraft as normal.

Witchcraft is psychic.

Witchcraft is evil, even for those believing themselves to be practicing ‘white magic’; there are no good witches according to The Bible (Exodus 22:18). Unlike sorcerers, who perform magic rituals to achieve their evil ends, witches simply will death and destruction and even if they intend good the source of their power is evil and in rebellion against God. The power of a witch is clearly a supernatural power. Some witches fly through the air. Others can change their outward physical appearance to that of an animal. Witches often have personal characteristics that are the antithesis of those that characterize a good, moral person. Witches might practice cannibalism and incest, as shocking as that sounds; they show hatred, jealousy and greed. Thus they become personifications of all that is evil in a society. Witchcraft beliefs become a way of objectifying antisocial behavioral traits.

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